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Ping-Ying Chang

Terrince Chang

Wan-Ching Chen

Dao-Liang Chou

Jenny Kung

Jaz Lin

Koko Lin

Hanna Lu
    Hi all:

    I am Hanna Lu, one of the committee members for the Family Letter Project. I came out to one of my sisters last year and then to my mother six month later. It was a very difficult task because all the information my mother gathered from the media are mostly negative and distorted. She has no reference to make her believe that being gays or lesbians can be normal and positive.

    I was involved in this project because I know our parents have far less resource then we do. I would like to see our parents start a conversation among themselves and to their sons and daughters. Coming out issue is usually a very sensitive issue among family members. I wish this booklet can serve as a tool to provide some guidance for the daughters' coming out process. Also for the parents to see other parents' reaction to this matters.

Mei Ming Wu


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